Q: What is Venetian Plaster?
A: Venetian plaster is a wall and ceiling finish using thin layers of plaster applied with a spatula or trowel which are then burnished to create a smooth surface with the illusion of depth and texture. Venetian plaster first made popular in the 1550's in Venice, Italy. In the last few years it has become one of the most sought after wall finishes on the market.

Q: Where are the plasters from?
A: We use imported plasters from Italy.

Q: What other names is venetian plaster referred to?
A: Venetian plaster is often referred to as old world plaster, decorative stucco, venetian stucco, italian plaster, polished plaster, architectural plaster or decorative plaster.

Q: What kinds of surfaces can you apply Venetian Plaster to?
A: We can apply Venetian Plaster to existing plaster walls, gypsum plastered, or painted walls, new or existing drywall, tile, wood, concrete or brick surfaces. Surfaces must be clean, free of dust, grease and moisture.

Q: How long does the average wall take from start to finish?
A: It depends on which plaster finish you choose. Some require as many as 3 steps and with drying time they may take up to 2 days. However, most finishes can be done within 3 days.

Q: How are these products different than the products at the home improvement stores?
A: Most products you will find in home improvement stores are essentially thick paint. If you compare the two products side by side, you will definitely see and feel a difference.
The application of Venetian plaster requires a trained hand.

Q: Are these finishes toxic?
A: No, the finishes are not toxic. The standards in Europe are much stricter than in the USA. The natural plasters we use are composed of natural ingredients which contain fine lime putty, marble dust, colored marble dusts and silica's. Natural earth oxides are used to pigment the plasters.

Q: What if I want to change in the future?
A: You can just paint right over the walls because there are no waxes. Sometimes, you can just go over it with another coat of the product to change the color.

Q: How do I clean my new walls?
A: In most cases, you can use soap and water or even put some ammonia in the water.

Q: Are there samples available?
A: Yes. You can find more than 1000 samples of modern and classic finishes to choose the one that fits with your needs. Available sample dimensions are 4x4 inch and 10.1/4x10.1/4 inch.

Q: Can you customize a plaster finish just for me?
A: Yes. Because of he artistic nature of Venetian plaster application, each wall will be a unique statement with its own distinctive look.

Q: How many different types of plaster do you use?
A: Marmorino classic - is a fine European plaster created with marble dust It can be stenciled or glazed and is a very, very durable finish. Metallic Marmorino - A shimmer effect in gold, silver and copper. Metallic Marmotino effect changes depending on the refraction of light against the surface and your point of reference. Marmorino Carrara - stone like in a matt or shiny finish. Can be applied in pitted & dragged finishes,with multiple colors .Intonachino- A textured decorative plaster in various grain sizes. Tadelakt- our most sought after finish, a Morrocan technique used for centuries in the north of Africa. Sale Pepe - Decorative salt and pepper finish. * coccio pesto- using crushed red terracota

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